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General Terms & Conditions 

OpenVisu wants to be the best possible business partner for each customer. To us, this also means providing all-inclusive and transparent information about all applicable conditions and contractual details under which we act, cooperate and share our expertise, in advance and unprompted.

General Terms & Conditions of Business

1. General

The following terms and conditions apply exclusively for the overall business relationships with our customers. The customer acknowledges them as binding for this agreement and, in their particular version, also for all future transactions. We do not accept terms and conditions of the customer that are contrary to or deviate from these, regardless of when we have received such terms and conditions. The terms and conditions for software licences are described in separate agreements.

2. Disclaimer

The software modules included in the OpenVisu are offered with the intent to equip lower budget small to medium size buildings with a modern SCADA system at no cost and additionally offer 3rd-party services to those building via our community. A functional guarantee is not offered by the programmers and is explicitly excluded. As the software modules included in the OpenVisu are provided free of charge, no warranty is provided to the extent permitted by law. As far as it is not explicitly arranged in written form, the copyright owners and / or third parties provide the software modules “as is”, without any warranty, explicit or implicit, including, but not limited to; market maturity or usability for a particular purpose. The full risk and full responsibility concerning quality, absence of errors and performance of the software module lie with the user. Should the OpenVisu, or parts of it, turn out to contain errors, the costs for service, repair and / or correction must be assumed by the user. Should the entire OpenVisu, or parts of it, be used to create user software, or be applied in software projects, the user is liable for the absence of errors, performance and quality of the application. Liability of Holsten Systems is explicitly ruled out.

The OpenVisu user has to take care, through suitable tests, releases and quality assurance measures, that possible errors in the OpenVisu cannot cause damage. The present license agreements and disclaimers are equally valid for the software library, and the descriptions and explanations given in this manual, even when this is not mentioned explicitly.

3. License Terms

The use of the OpenVisu Platform & Holsten library are free of charge and it can be utilized for private or business purposes. Distribution of the software is expressly encouraged; However, this has to be free of charge and contain a reference to our webpage If the software is offered in electronic form for download or distributed on data carriers, it has to be ensured that a clearly visible reference to Holsten Systems and a link to are included accordingly.

To clear the permissions it is allowed that

  • the source code of the OpenVisu software can be modified and this modified (“modified software”) version can be used for private or commercial purposes under the conditions of this agreement.
  • the OpenVisu software or modified OpenVisu software can be used in own responsibility in or with other proprietary software for private or commercial purposes, whereas the proprietary software inclusive the Openvisu or modified Openvisu can have own licenses without free source code an can be sold commercial. If the OpenVisu or modified OpenVisu is integrated into hardware, a clear hint to Holsten Systems and the webpage has to be included at a proper position, (ie marketing documents for the hardware product or other product documents for download.)

4. Registered trademarks

All the trademarks used in this description are applied without reference to their registration or owner. The existence of such rights can therefore not be ruled out. The used trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Therefore, commercial use of the description, or excerpts of it, is not permitted.

5. Intended & Correct Use

The software modules included in the OpenVisu and described in this documentation were exclusively developed for professionals who have had training. The users are responsible for complying with all applicable standards and regulations which come into effect with the use of the software modules. Holsten Systems does not refer to these standards or regulations in either the manual or the software itself.