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OpenVisu Background 

OpenVisu is developed after 15 years of experience in Building automation technology & the first version was released in 2021.

Company History
Holsten systems GmbH is an independent engineering company for automation technology in Munich area. Since 2011, we have been offering First-class engineering services on all aspects of building automation, instrumentation and control technology, including planning, open-source programming, software integration of open source SCADA and data analysis.
With over 120 successful project in the building automation sector and having tested many existing solutions on the market, we have deeply felt the need for an open-source building management platform to equip lower budget small to medium size buildings with a modern SCADA system at no cost and additionally offer 3rd-party services to those building via our community.
After precise requirement analysis, we wanted our solution to be open, modular, web-based, cross-platform and docker-based to be device independent and resource efficient. Additionally, Our platform had to support OPC-UA as the key communication protocol and offer InfluxDB database for timeseries data historization. Therefore, we have selected the google software development kit, Flutter, for Front-end development, and Python as the back-end programming language.
OpenVisu Building management platform has been part of two research projects since 2018 and it is currently active in 5 real projects undergoing various functional and performance tests. The first beta version is released in 2021 offering OPC-UA data discovery, InfluxDB Data historozation, user management, PDF Display for Documentation, iFrame to embed webpages, Dashboard creation with variety widgets to visualize data e.g. Charts, Single value displays, Images & Text.