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World’s Most Comprehensive Free & Open-source Building Management Platform

OpenVisu platform enables every small to medium size building to be equipped with its own modern SCADA system at no cost and have access to hundreds of 3rd-party modules developed by the community.

OpenVisu Dashboard

Stunning Advantages

OpenVisu offers some unique advantages that sets it apart from any other building management software in the market.

Free & Open-source

All the core requirements of your building is covered for free.


Supporting the OPC-UA protocol & RESTful API makes OpenVisu totally independent.


Community of developers enable rapid growth of 3rd-party apps & bugfixes.

OpenVisu Mobile Dashboard

Unlimited Projects & Data

Unlike other software, we offer free unlimited projects, tags & users.

Modern Dashboards

OpenVisu is developed in Flutter & offers fully responsive, modern, web-based UI.

Support & Documentation

OpenVisu comes with an extensive support & versioned-documentation.

Awesome Features

OpenVisu offers all the core requirements of your building for free.


Supporting the OPC-UA protocol makes OpenVisu totally manufacturer-independent.

Rest API

Rest API allows you to connect to any web services bidirectionally.

Modern Widgets

Variety of charts, tables, single value displays, SVG images & … can be integrated into the dashboards.


Data can be historized automatically into the integrated time-series influxDB database.

User Management

User-Manager offers different roles & access rights for project- & data security.

Event Management

Scheduler allows users to define and trigger events at their specified time.

Alarm Management

Alarm-Manager allows users to define different alarm scenarios & easily respond to them from a single table.


Marketplace offers an easy exchange of 3rd-party apps and solutions to extend your OpenVisu functionalities.

OpenVisu Community 

Become part of OpenVisu Community.

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Full Control

Building Management

Manage your building through many functionalities built into the OpenVisu.

High Flexibility

App Development

Be among the first to contribute & Make your apps available to a growing community in our Marketplace.

OV AppDevelopment

OpenVisu Showcase 

OpenVisu offers all the core requirements of your building for free.

Choose your Plan

OpenVisu offers 3 plans that cover every user Requirements.


Free (Permanently)


For individuals, facility Managers, Landlords, Tenants & more


€— (One-time)


For multi-building Managers, System Integrators, Data Scientists & More


€— /Monthly

Cloud Hosting

For Professionals, Engineering Offices, City Management & more